Welcome to Fairmount Aquarium & Water Gardens

Come see the undersea world of Fairmount Aquarium & Water Gardens. Visit with the colorful denizens of the deep. Enjoy our reptiles, birds and small animals. Fairmount Aquarium & Water Gardens has a great selection of products for all of your pet needs.

Fairmount Aquarium & Water Garden
is now open Saturdays until 5PM.

Clown fish

Fresh water platys

Fairmount Aquarium & Water Gardens storefront


Pet and Aquatic Specialty Store with a fine collection of:

  • Tropical & Marine Fish
  • Live Aquarium Plants
  • Live Rock and Corals
  • Pond Fish and Plants
  • Reptiles, Birds and Small Animals
  • Dog and Cat Supplies

Click to see our Current Specials and our New Arrivals.



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